Nana's tamales is an offshoot of the family tradition of coming together twice a year to prepare these packets of delicious food that will be shared with our extended family and friends over the holiday seasons. 

The tamal is a Central American staple with regional and familial favorite ingredients playing the accompanying role of the filling to the comforting envelope of masa. Simple in its ingredients, the masa is made from a corn flour that has been treated to provide a more delicate and easily digestible form of corn. The flour is combined with some liquid, leavener and fat to form the dough.  Bringing the filling and the masa together is a tomato based sauce that combines many of the regional spices and plays them against the smoky notes of dried peppers and toasted seeds. The whole tamal is then wrapped in a natural envelope, which for our family is a role played by the banana leaf, steamed and then generally eaten right away or stored to enjoy at a later date. The tamal keeps well and is reheated by steaming or baking. By this process we generally have two to three varieties to offer up in large numbers but with little work necessary on the celebration day. Allowing us all the ability to better enjoy each other's company while sharing a distinct handmade family treat.


Over the years I have shared in the knowledge of tamal making with family as well as friends. It is through exploring non traditional ingredients and recipes with friends that I first started to entertain starting my own tamal business.

Nana's Tamales will come in four to eight basic varieties. 

Some of the tamales are based on family recipes, these are: 

The Salty Hen  

The Sweet Piggy

Plus the New Spani

We will also be offering five vegetarian options:

The Earthy Mushroom

Veg Curry

Garden Delight

Sweet Potato/Butternut Squash

Owner Cocinana